The Diversity of Music in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is home to the famous sounds of Reggae music. It is known by recognition of Bob Marley, and the mark he left on the world with Reggae music; however, contrary to the belief, Reggae is not the only form of music coming from the Caribbean. There are melodies of Dancehall, Calypso, Hip Hop, even Pop and Rock. Yes, even Pop; this may be shocking to many as they were not taught about the diversity of the background, and exposure of the people of the West Indies. The residents of the Caribbean have origins based all around the world. The people are mixed with ancestry such as Syrian, Chinese, European, Indian, African, and many more.

Proof of the diversity of music that comes from the Caribbean, is sounds coming from Rihanna, and Pitbull, and Sean Paul. Their sound in each respect is universal, and stretches beyond the Western Hemisphere. There is also a new pop sensation coming from the Island of Jamaica, that has made such an impression on the American market, it has gotten recognition from MTV’s Buzz Worthy. The artiste, carrying these high expectations, is known as SamanthaJ. She is a born mixed Jamaican, long hair,  light complexion, and other striking European features . She has very impressive vocals at the young age of sixteen (16yrs old!).  She carries a sound and style that will help to eliminate some of the typical stigmas attached to Caribbean people, culture and music. The title of her single is “Tight Skirt”; go check it out! It’s a must see.

There is much more to catch up with the “music world” of the Caribbean, and I’m here to provide you with the most innovative and intriguing voices, and sounds of the West Indies. Till next time, I leave you with this thought.

“Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”- Confucius


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